Hypoid Gear Oil 80W-90

Hypoid Gear Oil 80W-90 Product Hypoid Gear Oil 80W-90
Part # R650
Type 80W-90
Engine N/A
Description For shaft drive, differentials & manual transmissions
* Exceeds API GL-5, SAE 80W-90 specifications
Problem Symptom
It assures complete lubrication and provides superior performance in heavily loaded transmission differentials, and all shaft drives.
Ideal for Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural, Motorcycle and Marine applications
  • Delivers superior performance and unmatched extreme pressure cushioning for heavily loaded transmissions, differentials, and all shaft drives.
Refer to owner's manual for engine specifications and fill capacities.
Characteristics - Will meet or exceed the following performance requirements
  • Unique surface tension reducers eliminate foaming thus assuring complete lubrication
  • Shear stable polymers provide superior high-temperature protection and better resistance against oxidation for extended component life.

18.9 L Pail 36 Pails per skid 41 LBS. / Pail 25 Lbs. / Case

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