Rev 2-Cycle Engine Oil

Rev 2-Cycle Engine Oil Product Rev 2-Cycle Engine Oil
Part # R464, R465, R470, R471, R473
Type Rev 2-Cycle Oil
Engine Gas / mix
Description Rev 2-Cycle Engine Oil
Problem Symptom
It exceeds all engine manufacturers' motor oil specifications, where a 2-Cycle oil is required. Suitable where a TC-W3 or API-TC type oil is required in chainsaws, weed-wackers, water-pumps, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV's outboards and PWC engines.
  • Formulated with clean burning synthetic anti-friction additives for maximum power and performance
  • Provides faster starts, more power, greater fuel economy, less plug fouling and increased engine life.

For normal use, mix in a ratio of 50:1, 500ml to 20 L of gasoline. It may also be used according to the engine manufacturer's recommendations. For racing, follow engine manufacturer's recommendations.

Be sure to thoroughly mix with gasoline in a separate container

  • Designed to be blended directly with gasoline for use in 2-Cycle air and water cooled engines at 50:1 ratio.
  • -45°C (-50°F) pour point

125 ml 48 bottles per case 120 cases per skid 14 LBS. / Case
200 ml 24 bottles per case 130 cases per skid 14 LBS. / Case
500 ml 12 bottles per case 120cases per skid 13 LBS. / Case
4 L 4 bottles per case 50 cases per skid 35 LBS. / Case

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