Rev Chainsaw Chain / Bar Lube

Rev Chainsaw Chain / Bar Lube Product Rev Chainsaw Chain / Bar Lube
Part # R624
Type Chain Bar Lube
Engine N/A
Description Chainsaw Chain / Bar Lube
Available in Light : For optimal Winter cutting
Med : For optimal Spring and Fall cutting
Heavy : For Optimal Summer cutting
Problem Symptom
Low fluid levels causing a spongy feeling in brake pedal
* You should never drive with improperly maintained brakes - regularly inspect
  • Providing excellent rust protection lubricity for cutting chain and bars
  • Higher concentration of parafinic compounds producing a tougher oil

Refer to manufacturers' owners manual for fluid capacities

Do not mix with gasoline in chainsaw

Characteristics - Will meet or exceed the following performance requirements
  • A special tacky additvive minimizes oil throw off
  • Effectively dissapates heat from the chain for more constant cutting action

3.78 L 4 x 3.78 L cases 50 cases per skid  36 LBS. / Pail

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