Rev Heavy Duty DOT 4

Rev Heavy Duty DOT 4 Product Rev Heavy Duty DOT 4
Part # R539, R540, R541, R545
Type Brake Fluid
Engine N/A
Description Brake fluid for disc, drum and ABS systems
Problem Symptom
Low fluid levels causing a spongy feeling in brake pedal
* You should never drive with improperly maintained brakes - regularly inspect
  • CoDry boiling point of 232C (450F)
  • Minimum wet boiling point of 156C (314F)
Fill brake fluid reservoir to appropriate level.
Check owners manual for brake fluid type needed
Characteristics - Will meet or exceed the following performance requirements
  • Meets or exceeds all DOT 4 specifications including CMVSS116 and SAE J1703

250ml 24 bottles per case 14 LBS. / Case  
350ml 12 bottles per case 10 Lbs. / Case  
500 ml 12 bottles per case 13 Lbs. / Case  
18.9 L Pail 41 LBS. / Pail  

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